SA.T. Forniture Alberghiere was founded in 1991 by Sabino Taddio, drawing on his experience in the sale and repair of catering machinery, as a point of reference in providing assistance and selling equipment for the professional restaurant industry.

The company has consolidated its position thanks to the experience gained from Taddio’s 40 years of rapid, accurate and punctual customer service. This is complemented by the professionalism, courtesy and constant availability Taddio learned while working for the sector’s leading company, of which his father-in-law, Gian Simone Cornali – the owner of SACI – instilled the strengths and key points.

In 2010, the company was entrusted to Sabino’s son Andrea who, after ten years working alongside his father and developing a passion for this broad, limitless sector, was able to inject even more quality into the company be combining its age-old experience in accommodating the client with youthful dynamism and the innovative side of this constantly evolving market. This allowed the company to become even more competitive and further consolidate the status is had built up over the previous two generations.

Activity is based in Costa di Mezzate, 8 km from Bergamo, with facilities including technical offices, administrative offices, a logistics warehouse and a fully equipped workshop for machinery repairs that cannot be carried out at the client’s premises.

In 1999, SA.T. Forniture Alberghiere became a service centre and official dealer of industrial kitchen equipment from the most well-known brands, including MBM, LAINOX for multi-level cooking solutions and COLGED for washing appliances.

An expert research and development team coordinates and oversees the design of large machinery, a service assisted by a personalised 3D CAD system that allows the company to produce complex commercial samples at no cost and to strict timescales.

A commercial team assists the client from the feasibility study to the planning and budgeting stages and right through to the delivery of the complete kitchen equipment. It also works tirelessly to help the client identify the right product for their specific needs, or simply to provide consultancy services.

Our experienced administrative team is on hand to help the client manage all of the bureaucratic and financial aspects related to obtaining credit.

Customer service is undoubtedly the company’s biggest strength, with an after-sales team ready to step in at short notice if needed and a team of specialised technicians aware of all new industry developments thanks to the continuous product training our partner organisations supply.

In order to ensure even the most distant clients receive the professionalism, courtesy and quality that represent our company and its products, SA.T. Forniture Alberghiere has introduced an online assistance and sales service. This allows the company to provide detailed information from design to the after-sales stages, with distance no object whatsoever.

SA.T. Forniture Alberghiere is currently active on the market with a quality range of products for cooking, refrigeration and washing, as well as stainless steel fittings, additional equipment and general tools. The company’s after-sales service makes it a dependable partner in meeting the needs of the modern commercial restaurant industry.

The products are sorted into six master lines, including five varieties of horizontal cooking solutions, multi-level mixed convection ovens, stainless steel fittings, complementary machinery, washing and refrigeration. All products are capable of meeting the needs of all sectors of the market thanks to their robustness, ergonomics, easy-clean nature and impeccable design. These features make our products ideal for all kitchens needed for large-scale catering services, no matter their size.

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