Designing a large-scale facility requires a full understanding of the client’s needs and the ability to translate these into on-paper designs that reflect what the client had in mind.

We use specialised designers with years of experience in the technical sector and a vast knowledge of the technical and performance-related characteristics of each piece of equipment, which they apply to the needs of the end user. We ensure they are up-to-date with regulations, work closely with designers at the product manufacturers and use 3D CAD systems to create perfectly tailored solutions, thus ensuring that the client’s workspace dream becomes a reality.

Our company provides a free design service for your industrial kitchen, pizzeria, development kitchen or bakery and provides equipment to meet your personal needs in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Designing a functional system will lead to savings in terms of time and personnel. By optimising the space for tasks and flow (i.e. avoiding people getting in each other’s way), you obtain the best machinery-to-personnel balance possible.

The new HACCP hygiene regulations mean that when designing the layout of the various operational areas, the plans must ensure that these have the necessary space and also that they are suitably positioned in regard to work movement and, naturally, structural issues and the type of activity in question.

Our designs are of the utmost accuracy and practicality and, once the contract is signed, include the creation of technical models of the individual pieces of equipment. These are handed to the operational staff at the workshop and allow clients to supervise the status of the works, in order to prepare for the important installation stage in the best way possible.

In our contact form you have the option to attach a CAD file, or an image, a space photograph, with its size and we will develop your kitchen kit free with its commercial offer.

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